Why Is Plastic Surgery So Attractive In Thailand

Medical tourism has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years as more people begin to embrace the idea of combining a holiday with a medical procedure. More and more countries are beginning to offer services to foreigners, but plastic surgery in Thailand continues to stand out as a great option to consider, and here's why.

Price Surgery in Thailand - At a fraction of the cost of having the same surgery in Australia, you can see an internationally recognized surgeon and enjoy the hospitality Thailand is known for. You can choose to have all kinds of surgery here, from breast augmentation to liposuction and face lifts. In fact, the cost of surgery in Australia has continued to increase, making Thailand even more attractive.

Top quality professional service - Despite offering a lower rate, there is no more risk than if you had the same surgery in Australia. In fact, people have been making the journey from Down Under to Thailand for plastic surgery for years - a sure sign this is comparable to the services offered in Australia's services.

Top of the line equipment - Rather than fear you will be treated with outdated tools, choosing a Thai hospital will mean you can benefit from the latest in medical instruments and innovation for the best possible outcome.

Comfortable amenities - You may not feel your best immediately after surgery and plastic surgery is the same. However, being ensconced in comfort will go a long way to improve your comfort levels and Thailand can offer this service - and with a view, too.

A holiday - Thailand can also offer much in the way of surgery, but another boon is that you can enjoy a holiday while you are recovering or even as you are preparing for surgery. Soak up the sun, experience the culture and revel in the opportunities here. The food isn't bad, either.

We have all seen the media reports about the cost of Plastic Surgery in Thailand and the Cost of Dental treatment in Thailand are well below what we have been paying in Australia. But really is there a real difference once you factor the cost to actually travel to Thailand for flights and hotels for the duration of recovery. In short the answer still remains as, "Yes Thailand is Cheaper" when we compare that a cost of having Breast Augmentation is Australia can be upwards of $10,000 and in Thailand cost of Breast Augmentation is a mere $3800 AUD. A 10 day package to Phuket for flights and accommodation can be picked up for around $1400 per person these days. When we look at $3800 + $1400 is still only equates to $5200 well below the $10,000 almost half the cost in fact. The $10,000 cost for Breast Implant in Australia just gets me that the surgery! My $5200 Breast Implant Package to Phuket get me the surgery plus 9 nights accommodation, breakfast and flights to Phuket. We should be asking ourselves why is it that Australian Doctors are still charging such ridiculous fees for Cosmetic Surgery compared to other countries?

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