[Real Story] Looks older than actual age,but now she got rejuvenated!

Hi! I'm Ajin.I am 29 years old.
To see my old face,I looked older than that.
Cause my eyelids were droopy and have sunken under my eyes.
And I don't like my nose as well.
For young looking, the doctor also recommended me fat injection on face.
I did decide to do surgery in JW Plastic Surgery.

My eyes look bigger after surgery!
The double eyelids line is higher than before.
I think it’s done well.

I removed the cotton inside of nose on the 3th day by doctor.
Now I can breath.It didn't swell as much as I thought.

The bandage has gone,finally I saw my nose shape.
High enough but the nasal bride look so wide.
The doctor said it's about the swollen inside of the nose.

Still can see the bruise on my nasal bridge. 
I started to worry about what's wrong with the silicon.
The double eye-lines look very nature now.

After two weeks,felt very good.My face is not round any more.
The color is totally gone!No bruise around eyes and on nose anymore!
I can go out now without mask.Kind of excited.

I've been already back to work after the surgery one week.
Now my colleague that I look much different from before.
I look younger now!Do you believe I'm 18 years old?(joke)

Still didn't get rid of my dark circles.
So I took filler injection below my eyes to fix them after 3 weeks.
Now it's a good time to do it.Make me perfectly!

It's me now. I am almost 30 years old this year.
But I feel I got my youth back.
Thank you for giving rejuvenation,JW!:)

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[JW Plastic Surgery Korea's Doctor Training Program] Dr.Piyapol Pattanakru from Thailand


Dr.Piyapol Pattanakru from Thailand has been trained in JW Plastic Surgery Korea from 24th to 27th May 2014.
 Congratulations!Another Thai doctor completed his study in JW!

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[Real Story] To be a White Swan?If you have experienced - 100% Changing Story①

Hello!My name is Heji. 
I had Incisional ptosis correction + Epicathoplasty 
 Fat injection on face
 Hump nose correction+Rhinoplasty augmentation+Tip surgery
Zygoma reduction
Breast Augmentation with Fat transplantation and Implant.

You would say,that's so many plastic surgeries at once maybe.
This is photo of 2nd day when I back home. 
Please wait me to tell you my story.

Day 6,still very swelling.But I like my face very much.
Start to wear corset bra and have to keep the compression bandage for some days 
cause of cheek bone surgery.

Day 7,the swollen seems like that start to go fast.
Do I look like someone else? lol

Day 8,after all the stitches have been removed yesterday,
I still need to go to JW check up for some times. 
Because I also had breast surgery and cheek bone,
I need to take more care than others.

These days,I got changed very much.

My face and my breast.
My face looks fat now,but I like this baby fat :D
My breast recovered very good.

I cannot believe this is me in the mirror.

I look like someone else?haha
한가인(韓佳人)(Han Ga In)

Day 13,the nose looks more and more pretty.
Now the nasal bridge became very slim.
I like the tip ♡
I like my breast!!!

I start to do some make up.
I think I almost got recovery.
Only 15 days,my life changed. 

I have no more words.
I just like all my face ♥

To be continued...

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[Real Story] After One month, Kate Yang's Changes!


Hello!!My name is Kate Yang.
I had nose job, double eyelids and fat injection in JW.

It has been a month already.
I was worried about the swelling.
But I already can post my story after the surgery.
My eye corner was far from each other and the pupil was covered.
I heard that I look angry many times.
My nose bridge is low and I have wide alar base.
The consultant was very kind and the doctor as well.

Second day,swelling a lot and seems like couldn't open my eyes.

I removed the bandage on my nose on 5th day.
I can see the shape of my nose.
The swelling is still significant in the nose, 
I need to wait until the tip comes down.

7th day,the stitches were removed.Face still looks round.Swelling...
I think looks better than yesterday,isn't it?

The first week is most important time.
From swollen severely,until now to see the new face.
I am changing day by day.I found different changes every day:)

 That picture is after 10 days.The swelling subsided more.
The doctor said I’m not really swollen compared to other patients
 and I will be prettier after all the swelling subsides.

 It has been 15 days after the surgery.
I took many pictures to check the swelling.
I became really confident to look at my face and side line.
I feel like my forehead to nose line got really pretty.
Is it only me who feel this way? 

That day I came to JW for checking up again.
The doctor said my recovery has been very well.
 I like my face shape quite much.

This is the picture exactly a month after the surgery.
It wasn't comfortable to open my eyes because of the swelling 
but I can open my eyes very comfortably.
People say the result is very good and I look kind now.
I didn't like to look at the side view of my face but I like to look at it now.

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[Real Story] Agri Velt, Reiee Kok & Agnes' journey of plastic surgery - Final Chapter (Agri Velt)

Today I’m about to share with you the final post on my plastic surgery series. I’m gonna warn you in advance, this post will be super image-heavy!
During my recovery period, I had to deal with a lot of comments saying : Oh your old look was better, you looked much sweeter in the past. Now your facial expressions are more restricted, you can’t seem to smile as sweetly as before. Chill guys, it was barely a month back then. Obviously my face was really tight from all that fat graft & the doctor also advised against smiling widely for at least a month if I want to achieve fantasticresults for my rhinoplasty procedure. Here’s a recap on what I got done – SUB-INCISION EYEBROW LIFT+OPEN RHINOPLASTY + FULL-FACE FAT GRAFT.
As time goes by, I started getting a lot of positive feedback from my family & friends telling me I look a lot younger. Two months have gone by now & most of the swelling have subsided by now. My face is settling really well & it’s no longer as puffy as before. As for my final nose result, it’d still take a few months more & I seriously can’t wait for that. But currently, it’s already looking so good I can’t be happier. Really glad to have chosen JW PLASTIC SURGERY KOREA to get my surgeries done, the doctors were really attentive in listening to my concerns & really understood what I was looking to achieve. Everyone there took such goodcare of me, it really helped in my speedy recovery.
You can tell by this time my face is starting to look a lot more natural & I’m pretty much back to my crazy self. No more tightness & hurray to seeing such a smaller-looking nose & straight nose bridge! If I’m already satisfied at this point, I cannot imagine how much better it’d look when it finally settles. I’m no longer self-conscious about taking frontal shots anymore now that the bulbous nose has bid me goodbye.
Watch the last part of my plastic surgery journey video series! You can see how swollen my face & nose were at the start but it’s all good now & I’m feeling more beautiful than ever. Thank you so much JW PLASTIC SURGERY KOREA!
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[Real Story] Agri Velt, Reiee Kok & Agnes' journey of plastic surgery - Final Chapter (Reiee Kok)

Hi everyone, i hope everyone spent your public holiday well. My friends and i made a impromptu decision to do a 3 hours karaoke session. Our choice of music has a mixture of Chinese heartbroken love song and havoc party. Crazy people and i totally enjoyed the time i spent with them. 

Anyway back to topic, this is my last part of my plastic surgery journey. 

B&A photo.
After ptosis correction procedure, i look less sleepy when i have no make up on. My eyes feels less tired too! I;m really happy with the after result.

My smile lines and eye bags is less visible after full face fats grafting. After 3 months, my face is more settle down already though i kinda miss my puffy forehead i had :) Till today, I received many compliments and comments that the after result is very nature especially my eyelids. No one could tell. 

Day op day 8.

Post op week 2.

Post op week 3.

My face in MARCH(1 months later).

My face in APRIL(2 months later).

Pardon us for our bruises face, this photo was taken a week after our surgeries. 
Photo with Dr Suh who gave us pretty nose.

Watch part 4 of the video featuring me, Agri and Agnes talks about our new look. Hit the play button now :

Website : www.jwbeauty.net