What kind of nose is considered as the most beautiful nose?


The most beautiful nose is the most harmonious nose with your face.

Because the shape of the nose is prominently different between races and individuals, its arrangement, contour of the face, structuring effect and the shape of the nose can greatly influence the face's appearance. 
In general, a Westerner's nose is high and narrow in width while Asians have a flat and wide nose. 
Korean's generally have an oval nose which widens coming down below the bridge.
Although one might have a high and sharp nose, we cannot consider it sophisticated if the overall face is not balanced. 'An ideal nose' can be rated according to the proportion of the nose to the face listed below:

●Starting Point: Between the eyelashes and the line of double eyelids.Generally many believe it ideal to have the bridge of the nose start at base of the double eyelids; this will make the nose look artificial for Asians so it is more natural looking to have it start at the eyelashes.

●Side profile
We consider it idealistic for a nose to lift upward at the tip of the nose for women and neat and straight for men. However, it is necessary personalize the adjustments according to the face shape and the distance between one's eyes. Recently, it has become more diversified to personalize to a person's face than following the previous standard whether this might be a straight or moderately lifted nose.

●An angle where the columella nasi (pillar of the nose) and philtrum (structure that forms the upper lip and nose) meet (nasolabial angle)
Over 90-95˚(Over 100˚ for Westerner)
An angle between the line of the nose and the forehead: 135-140˚

How to make your eyes look like shining star?


JW Personalized Blepharoplasty got the answer!
So now, lets take a look what kind of blepharoplasty procedures JW has.

Basically blepharoplasty procedures are
*You can click those name of procedures if you need more information.

  • Double eyelid surgery
Double eyelid surgery itself has 3 types of method which are non-incision, partial incision and incision method.

▶Non-incision method
A non-incision method is used to connect the muscle and inner skin of the eyelid to create new crease. It is more suitable for those in their teens or twenties who have tighter skin. For those who have thicker skin or a greater fat layer, incision was preferred because the creases might not hold, but recently with surgical advancement non-incision methods are also being used. In the case drooping or falling of the eyelid, sometimes referred to as "lazy eye", blepharoplasty surgery must be done in conjunction with ptosis correction.

 ▶Partial incision method
Partial incision is a method to remedy of the two method's shortcomings. This procedure requires an incision 5mm on the inner and outer eyelid creating the double eyelid and then stitching up the incisions. The method is recommended for those who have strong orbicularis oculi muscles or thick eyelids and their creases can become undone. The surgery is usually scar-less and the swelling period is relatively short. However, this procedure is not applicable for those who have sagging eyelids.

 ▶Incision method
Incision requires a cut on the line of the eyelid and removing a required amount of tissue (skin, muscle, fat, connective tissue) while connecting the dermis to the tarsi allowing the cicatrix(scar) between the two tissues to make a deep and natural double eyelid. Patients with sagging skin, thick muscles or fat layers, incision is highly recommended. The possibility of the double eyelid becoming undone is smaller than the non-incision surgery because the stitches would be tighter allowing for them to last longer. Swelling will last longer and a longer period of time is required for a more natural look.

☞Types of Double Eyelids according to shape 

Double eyelids that starts inside of the eye are the most appropriate type for those who do not have serious an epicanthic fold. Creases of the eyelids are not seen in the inner corner and the size and height of the creases are small. The shape of the crease increases from the center to the outside of the eyelids.

This type, is commonly seen amongst Westerners can look a bit awkward and unfamiliar among Asians. For those who do not have an epicanthic fold or for those whose crease of the double eyelid starts outside of the epicanthic fold. The crease can be seen throughout the eye and this allows the eyes to look bigger.

This is between an in-fold and out-folds of the eye and is suitable for those whose eyes are generally bigger than others. It can make your eyes look well-defined and attractive.

  • Non-incision and Incision ptosis correction
Was the above information helpful to understand more about double eyelid surgery?
Then, lets take take a look what ptosis correction is.

▶Non-incision ptosis correction
To perform ptosis correction, the orbicularis oculi (eye opening muscle) needs to be adjusted.
Ptosis correction was only performed by an incision in the past because the orbicularis oculi lie in the deepest part of the eye and excess tissue must be remove along the way.
▶Surgery Method
Because the muscles control many elements, it is important that the shape of the creases fall smoothly when the eyes are opened.

The eye-opening muscles are connected through the conjunctiva with a special suturing thread by making tiny holes under the crease of the eyelid and pulling the muscles and tarsus together.

▶Advantages of JW non-incision ptosis correction
  1. There is usually no scar due to the size of the incision.
  2. It is a fast recovery with little swelling because little or no damage is done on the tissue.
  3. Surgery itself is very short.
  4. Restoring the eyelid back to its original state is easily done by unbinding the buried suture.
▶Who are the suitable candidate for this procedure?
  1. People whose ptosis is not very severe
  2. People who want to have ptosis correction with little inconvenience to daily life
  3. People who want larger eyes without an incision

[Real Story] I looook totally DIFFERENT NOW!


Hey:) This is Jin
I always had a complex with my eyes, since I never had a double eyelids in my life. And always look Sleeeeeeeeepy T.T So I decided to have a lil touch~

I knoe.. I look like a Mona lisa..but
I got to go through with this kind of pain

Bruises All over my eyes....

Bruises are started go AWAY! YES!
Now I just got to wait for the WOUND
and get PLACED!

and doesn't it seems like my DOUBLE EYELIDS got PLACED?

"I Think I look Totally Different"
Say it!!!
To compare~

[Real Model] Korean Styled Natural Rhinoplasty to New Singaporean Model "Cyndi Soh"

Singaporean Blogger Model for Rhinoplasty from
JW Plastic Surgery Korea

I would like to INTRODUCE
Our New Real Model
Singaporean Blogger Cyndi or Xinyi Soh

Name: Cyndi, Soh or Soh Xin Yi Cyndi
Age: >_<??
Occupation: Singaporean Blogger
Surgery Performed: Dr. Suh (Mankoon Suh)
Which Surgery: Filler removal, Rhinoplasty(nose job) silicone implanted, Tip plasty by using of septal(nose) cartilage,
Cochal (ear) cartilage for Weir operation (alar base reduction)

Q: How do you feel about Korea??
A: I love the place. It's a vibrant and very interesting place with a rich culture an history.

     I had a lot of fun exploring Seoul and would love to go to other parts of Korea soon!

Q: What was your main concern about your nose?
A: My wide alars, bulbous nose tip and the lack of a nose bridge were my main concerns. I  

     didn't realised that my alar rims were too high up until Dr. Suh pointed it out to me!   

Q: There are Sooooooo Many Plastic Clinics or Plastic Center in Korea
     What gave you an Idea to coming to our clinic?
A: I did a lot of research prior to deciding on JW.

     JW came across as a reliable and reputable clinic. Moreover, I have friends who came to
     JW for their surgeries before and they all had only good things to say about JW.

Q: How do you feel about our Service??Such as consultant(ME >_<), scenery of our 
     clinic, Surgeon, etc.?
A: JW is a very welcoming place! The clinic is bright, clean and very comfortable.

     I love  the fact that hair wash service is available when I go back for my reviews since it was
     impossible to wash my hair after surgery with the bandages on. That was really thoughtful
     for the patients!
    The staff at JW was really nice too.
Jay and Jenny are helpful and patient with my queries   
    and tried their best to accommodate to all my needs.
    Dr. Suh listened to what I wanted patiently and did his best to explain everything to me

    before the surgery.
Thank you for everything! :)