[Dr.Suh got invited to Lectured at Seoul Rhinoplasty Forum]

Seoul Rhinoplasty Forum(SRF) is being held every 2 years. The 2nd SRF was held this year 2014 November 8th~9th

Dr. Mankoon Suh from JW Plastic Surgery Korea was invited to SRF as representative of Rhinoplasty speaker to other surgeons who got invited to this forum.

SRF is supervised by the Korean Academic Association of Rhinoplastic Surgeons comprised of board-certified plastic surgeons and sponsored by the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.

SRF is to create opportunities for the surgeons in the Asia-Pacific Region to exchange KNOWLEDGE and Engage in discussions about Rhinoplasty. 

Dr.Suh from JW Plastic Surgery Korea got invited to SRF as speaker to give lectures to other surgeons overseas.
The lecture was about "Deviated nose: tip management", "IHCC(Irradiated Homologous Costal Cartilage) for rhinoplasty" and "Instructional course lecture: Asian tip plasty, principles and technique"

[Lesson 1] How to take care after the Double Eyelid Surgery by JW Plastic Surgery Korea


On the Afternoon and Evening of Surgery
by JW Plastic Surgery Korea

• After Eyelid Surgery from JW Plastic Surgery Korea You should rest as much as possible, preferably in bed on two pillows or in a recliner.  A bandage over the eyes is not needed.  In the evening, you may take a bath if someone is there to help you.  Avoid straining or bending over.  Watching television is acceptable.

•  To prevent swelling after Eyelid surgery, apply clean (not sterile) cold compresses to the eyelids as much as possible until you go to sleep.  Gauze pads or a clean towel may be soaked in a basin of ice cubes and applied directly.  Alternatively, a large Ziploc bag may be partially filled with ice cubes or frozen baby peas and placed over a moist gauze or towel.

•  Pain after Eyelid surgery is usually mild.  Use pain medicine you were given from JW Plastic Surgery Korea. Avoid using aspirin or ibuprofen for two days.  Severe pain should be reported.

•  It is normal for the eyelids to become red, swollen, and bruised after the Eyelid Surgery.  A small amount of bloody fluid draining from the wound is normal for a few days.  Occasionally, the eye itself may turn red and swell.  Brisk bleeding not responsive to pressure should be reported.

•  The eyelid creases will always look too high, too deep, overly rounded, and asymmetrical until swelling resolves and the deep tissues have a chance to soften. The eyelashes may appear to be pointed unnaturally upward.

•  If you were given an antibiotic drop or ointment from JW Plastic Surgery Korea, gently apply a small amount to any stitches before going to bed, and then twice a day thereafter.  If your eyes feel irritated, the antibiotic may be applied directly to the eye surface. Avoid the use of dry Q-tips on any stitches.

Beginning the Next Morning

•  Swelling is usually at its maximum on the morning after surgery; bruising may increase slightly for several more days. Until stitches are removed, do not expect to see any changes in the crease.

•  Discontinue the cold and begin warm compresses (gauze or a clean washcloth) for several minutes 3-4 times a day.  A microwave may be used to heat a moistened washcloth (be careful not to overheat) that we gave eyepatch from JW Plastic Surgery Korea after the Eyelid Surgery

•  Moderate activity may be resumed, although much bending and straining should be avoided for three days.  Moderate exercise (brisk walking) may be resumed in three days.  Avoid vigorous exercise (jogging) for ten days and swimming for at least two weeks. Sun exposure will not harm the surgery.

•  Reading or computer work may be difficult due to swelling and some slight blurring of your vision, but such activities are not harmful to your surgery.

•  Keep the incisions clean by gently cleansing with a clean washcloth or gauze.  If water alone is not sufficient, a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide diluted half and half with water may be used.  If bleeding is activated, apply pressure.

•  You may shower and wash your hair, but try to avoid getting soap in the incision.

Later Instructions and Information

•  It is not unusual for a few of the sutures to untie or break after several days.  As long as the incision remains closed, this is no cause for alarm.

• Try to limit your salt intake as this may increase swelling.

•  Stitches are removed 7 to 9 days after surgery.

•  After the sutures are removed, use the antibiotic that evening at bedtime and then discontinue.  Warm compresses should be used at least once a day (and more if you wish) for three or four more days. Because the incision is fragile, be careful not to clean or pull on the wound for several days after the stitches have been removed.

•  It is not unusual for the eyelids not to close fully during the first three weeks after surgery.  During the day, the use of any over-the-counter artificial tear preparation may feel soothing.

•  After five days, the light application of a concealer make-up to the upper cheek area may help to camouflage any bruising.  Do not apply directly to the upper eyelids.  Regular eyelid cosmetics may be resumed after 10 days. Use of an eyelid moisturizing cream may feel soothing. Do not apply Vitamin E oil. Special scar-reducing preparations (gels, strips) are of no value in double eyelid surgery.

•  Most people look the worst on the third day, after which improvement begins slowly.  Most bruising and swelling are gone by two to three weeks, although a small amount of swelling (20%) will remain behind for a much longer period. The crease will vary day to day and only gradually assume its approximate final position over four months or more, so try to be patient. Final healing (the last 5-10%) is a much longer process and may take several years.

•  Contact lens wear may be resumed in 2 Weeks.

•  The incision will turn red, slightly elevated, or bumpy in the weeks following surgery.  The scar will then continue to fade and soften for a very long time.

•  The incision may feel slightly tender for a few months. Itching is common.  Any tight feeling or eyelash numbness will disappear over several months.

•  Do not try to evaluate the success of your surgery during your early recovery

JW Plastic Surgery Korea

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Plastic Surgeons Training Program at JW Plastic Surgery Korea


Many Plastic Surgeons all around the world
have visited us for the Plastic Surgery Training Course
to learn and study more about the Plastic Surgery from
Dr. ManKoon Suh, Dr. Chul Hwan Seul and
Dr. Hong Lim Choi
Let us know if other surgeons want to learn more about plastic surgery skills or develop their plastic surgery skills or want to get have more education about plastic surgery

Please contact here if you need farther questions:
+82 10 7195 5114 (JW Plastic Surgery Korea)

What Is a Cosmetic Laser Treatment

Cosmetic surgery is in the media regularly with celebrities constantly fielding questions about their appearance and whether the have gone under the scalpel to 'enhance' their body. The trickle down effect is worldwide, cosmetic surgery has increased. What is often forgotten however is cosmetic laser treatment. Since laser treatments began in 1958, using lasers for cosmetic reasons has slowly increased in popularity but avoids the spotlight that surgery dominates.

Laser treatments for cosmetic reasons were not a planned progression. Originally they were used to treat acne scars to smooth over the skin around the scar. It was then noticed the wrinkles around the scars were less prominent once the lasers had run over the skin in the process.

The lasers are highly concentrated beams of light that can target certain different parts of the body and skin depending on the wavelength of the light. When the light hits the tissue, heat is generated which then either destroys or deactivates the cells. As research continue more and more information is being discovered about how we lasers can be used cosmetically.

Cosmetic laser treatments are most commonly used on the face. The lasers affect the collagen in the skin. As we age the collagen in our skin naturally breaks down. Laser treatment generates new youthful collagen which eliminates the wrinkles that we so often despise.

There are additional kinds of laser treatments available today.

- Laser skin resurfacing

- Laser removal of birthmarks/skin lesions

- Laser hair transplants

Although it would appear to be a science using beams of light, the risks associated with treatment (as with any cosmetic changes) needs to be done by highly qualified doctors. Although the side effects are generally less harmful than surgery, the number of treatments may need to increase for the desired result to take effect.

Laser treatments are not yet suitable for everybody. The changes a treatment has on one patient may be completely different than another person who has had the exact same cosmetic laser treatment. Skin color and hair color are the two most common factors that are examined when evaluating whether a person is a suitable candidate for laser treatment. Those with darker skin and/or red, grey and blonde hair are likely to not see results that they want. Ideal candidates are those with whiter skin and darker hair.

Post treatment, doctors will generally recommend follow up procedures and they need to be closely followed to ensure that the treatment leads to the best results possible.

Costs are always are concern with any cosmetic treatment. Laser treatments are less expensive than surgery equivalents, but do keep in mind any follow up treatments required and whether you are going to achieve a long term solution with your treatment.

As with any cosmetic procedure, making an informed decision based on advice from qualified professionals is necessary. The information you read here can help you with knowing what you can expect but every individual case is different and you may miss information on the internet that you must know.

Why Is Plastic Surgery So Attractive In Thailand

Medical tourism has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years as more people begin to embrace the idea of combining a holiday with a medical procedure. More and more countries are beginning to offer services to foreigners, but plastic surgery in Thailand continues to stand out as a great option to consider, and here's why.

Price Surgery in Thailand - At a fraction of the cost of having the same surgery in Australia, you can see an internationally recognized surgeon and enjoy the hospitality Thailand is known for. You can choose to have all kinds of surgery here, from breast augmentation to liposuction and face lifts. In fact, the cost of surgery in Australia has continued to increase, making Thailand even more attractive.

Top quality professional service - Despite offering a lower rate, there is no more risk than if you had the same surgery in Australia. In fact, people have been making the journey from Down Under to Thailand for plastic surgery for years - a sure sign this is comparable to the services offered in Australia's services.

Top of the line equipment - Rather than fear you will be treated with outdated tools, choosing a Thai hospital will mean you can benefit from the latest in medical instruments and innovation for the best possible outcome.

Comfortable amenities - You may not feel your best immediately after surgery and plastic surgery is the same. However, being ensconced in comfort will go a long way to improve your comfort levels and Thailand can offer this service - and with a view, too.

A holiday - Thailand can also offer much in the way of surgery, but another boon is that you can enjoy a holiday while you are recovering or even as you are preparing for surgery. Soak up the sun, experience the culture and revel in the opportunities here. The food isn't bad, either.

We have all seen the media reports about the cost of Plastic Surgery in Thailand and the Cost of Dental treatment in Thailand are well below what we have been paying in Australia. But really is there a real difference once you factor the cost to actually travel to Thailand for flights and hotels for the duration of recovery. In short the answer still remains as, "Yes Thailand is Cheaper" when we compare that a cost of having Breast Augmentation is Australia can be upwards of $10,000 and in Thailand cost of Breast Augmentation is a mere $3800 AUD. A 10 day package to Phuket for flights and accommodation can be picked up for around $1400 per person these days. When we look at $3800 + $1400 is still only equates to $5200 well below the $10,000 almost half the cost in fact. The $10,000 cost for Breast Implant in Australia just gets me that the surgery! My $5200 Breast Implant Package to Phuket get me the surgery plus 9 nights accommodation, breakfast and flights to Phuket. We should be asking ourselves why is it that Australian Doctors are still charging such ridiculous fees for Cosmetic Surgery compared to other countries?

Autologous Fat Grafting For Breast Enlargement

The new buzz word in the media at the moment is "fat transfers". It is not exactly a new option, just a new exploited version of the same thing that has always been available.

In short, fat transfer, also known as fat grafting or fat injections, is a natural, minimally invasive surgery for those seeking breast or buttock augmentation or replacing age-related lost volume and subtly smoothing out wrinkles. Fat is removed, using VASER Liposuction, from various parts of the body where there is a substantial amount, such as the thighs, abdomen and buttocks. The fat is then purified, to separate the healthy fat cells from the damaged ones, and injected into another area of the body that is lacking in volume. If you're looking for a natural alternative to implants and fillers, the fat transfer procedure could now be an option for you!

Before you start planning a newer version of yourself you need to ensure that you are looking at all the information not just the information you want to see. Like all good things, there is a down side to fat transfers as much as an upside.

The most import thing that you need to realise upfront is that this may not be a permanent solution. Up to 65% of the transferred fat maybe absorbed by your body over the first few months. The remaining 35% will usually stay in place for years. You may require a "top-up" within the following months. The survival of the fat and longevity of the results depend on the surgeon's skills, how the fat was harvested and purified, and how and where it was injected. To be performed successfully, fat grafting requires a surgeon with highly developed skills based on experience and knowledge of the technique. A process called micro fat grafting, although labor intensive, is the best way to ensure that the highest percentage of grafted fat will take. When done successfully, the injected fat establishes a new blood supply from your body and receives the nourishment it needs for survival. However, there may be a percentage of fat that does not take, which is why touch-ups are sometimes necessary.

Fat Transfer for Breast Enhancement

Fat transfer procedures are now being offered as a practical and more 'natural' alternative by some surgeons world-wide to having the alternative of breast implants. It defiantly is a possibility under specific circumstances like, If you want a modest increase in breast size, you are a good candidate for fat grafting to the breast, but your should be aware that your breasts should already have a nice shape and good skin tone. If you have poor skin, sagging breasts, or want a significant increase in breast size (more than one cup size), breast augmentation with fat transfer is not for you. The problem with only using fat for breast enhancement lies in getting large volumes of fat to predictably "take." with the high chance of only 35% of the fat transferred being useable is it really worth the cost?


    Autologous fat (from your own body), as opposed to dermal fillers, replaces "like with like," then reducing the chance of having an allergic reactions to foreign substances.
    Fat transfer results are natural, long-lasting and safe.
    Fat transfer is a noninvasive method for achieving facial rejuvenation.


    It is time-consuming to prepare fat tissue before transferring it, compared to dermal fillers, which are prepackaged.
    Though longer lasting than dermal fillers, fat transfer costs more.
    For augmentation, you may require multiple sessions to make your desired breast or buttock size.

Airbrush Makeup

Air brush make up is becoming popular day by day to advanced technology. Brides want to look like celebrity and they choose air brush make up for their wedding day. Many people do not know about airbrush make up. Airbrush make up is a makeup in which liquid cosmetics are used and it is done with a brush. It is similar to making a drawing on the canvas with a brush. Makeup artist uses an airbrush and air compressor for airbrush make up. A professional artist will spray liquid at a low pressure. Recipient will have a pleasurable experience. There is a perfect blend of colours and an artist tries his best to give a perfect look to your face. He will create an illusion of a perfect face.

Airbrush technology covers your complete face with a thin texture. The look of your face is more natural. It is done to provide a smooth and natural look to your face that matches with the normal skin color. This technology is helpful in hiding the dark spots, redness, and other scars. Thus, it makes your skin radiant and you get an even skin tone. It gives a finished appearance to your face. There are no ragged edges left behind.

People who have sensitive skin can also go for airbrush makeup. There are different types of airbrush makeup available for people with different skin types. You can use water based air brush make up if your skin is very sensitive. If you have a sensitive skin, you can tell this to your makeup artist so that he may not use any silicone based or alcohol containing chemicals for your makeup. He can choose simple water based airbrush makeup for your sensitive skin that is completely safe.

Airbrush makeup lasts for a longer period of time. This is also a useful makeup technique for brides who have acne prone skin. It is the most durable and long lasting makeup style for people having different skin types. Your makeup artist will give finishing touches so that your makeup looks all natural. Very low amount of foundation is required in airbrush makeup and therefore, it is a healthier option for your skin. Many people think that airbrush make up is costly than traditional makeup. This is wrong because airbrush makeup starts from a low price and it depends upon the type of foundation that you choose for airbrush makeup. You can search on the internet to choose the best and affordable airbrush makeup artist in your town or city.

Facial Plastic Surgery - Enhancing Your Facial Appearance With Just One Treatment

We all know that our appearance plays a significant role in our daily lives. In today's world, good looks has enormously turned out to be the most intense matter of discussion as face uplifts the complete persona of a person. Everyone desires to look good in this modern era. Also, people these days are quite possessive when we talk about good looks and dressing. For them, looks matter as much as success does. This is the reason why no one can bear wrinkles and baggy skin as all these are considered as 'gaffe' these days. No doubt with time, our body matures and finally, aging takes place when we start growing old, but our face plays a vital part in our lives as it reflects our age and tells exactly what's going in our mind. To take care of it, many anti aging creams and lotions are available in the market that can really enhance your looks, helping you appear young and gorgeous.

But all these creams and lotions are impermanent, because of which people are getting impatient, which leads them to explore other options to look young and find a permanent solution to this problem. Presently, the best possible solution to this devastating issue is "Facial Plastic Surgery". By adapting this surgery as your companion, you'll be able to unwrap numerous options to boost up your self-esteem and to alter your looks as per your choice. But before making the final decision, it's important that you find what's good for you!

As the name suggest, facial plastic surgery is a cosmetic surgery that is used to enhance the physical and facial appearance of a person. The basic intent of this surgery is to restore your natural charm and beauty.

The face surgery generally includes:

• Facelift
• Neck Lift
• Brow lift
• Eyelid surgery
• Ear Surgery
• Cheek Surgery
• Chin Surgery
• Fat Transfer

There are many other plastic surgeries that are also admired by many such as breast surgery, Nose Surgery, Liposuction Surgery, Sinus Surgery, Arm lift, and many more.

There are many benefits of these surgeries, such as:

• Improvement in Appearance - with these surgeries, the complete appearance of a person is improved, which in turn helps in improving the confidence level of a person. Because of which, the way of thinking also changes, which is the most important factor of improvement.

• Fulfilling all your desires - with this, you'll be able to live your dreams for real. These surgeries are the best way to appear better and gain control over your mind.

• Change of character and gaining self-esteem - good looks always play a vital part in reflecting the correct image of a person. If you look good, you'll be confident and keen to overcome any hurdles of life. Also, it helps in building self-esteem of a person which helps a lot while taking crucial decisions in life.

If you're planning to get a facial surgery done, you must consult your friends and family before making this crucial decision and decide accordingly!

[JW Plastic Surgery Korea] Live Rhinoplasty Surgery (Nose Job) from OSAPS

Dr. Man Koon Suh from JW Plastic Surgery Korea
 Represented of Asian doctors for Rhinoplasty surgeon from
"International Congress of Oriental Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery"

Dr. ManKoon, Suh from JW Plastic Surgery Korea got invited to 14th OSAPS on 27-29th Oct. 2014 to perform a live surgery about “Rhinoplasty (Nose Job): Short Nose Correction” in front of 600 other surgeons from all around the world.
These above pictures are from OSAPS Dr. ManKoon Suh from JW Plastic Surgery Korea gave a live demonstration in front of 600 surgeons about "Advanced Technology of Rhinoplasty"
Some of surgeons got to see the live rhinoplasty (Nose Job) surgery from the surgery room and other surgeons saw live rhinoplasty (Nose Job) surgery through windows and screens

[JW Plastic Surgery Korea] Dr. Man Koon, Suh in on "ISAPS"(New letter of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)

ISAPS(New letter of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)

Dr. Mankoon Suh from “JW Plastic Surgery Korea” for Rhinoplasty Surgeon wrote an article about Rhinoplasty and his book "Asian Rhinoplasty by Man Koon, Suh M.D."
From an article he mentioned about how Korean plastic surgeons are one of the leading groups in the Asian rhinoplasty fields in the aspect of advanced knowledge and skills. Also mentioned about bridge augmentations, tip plasty, implants, how he uses cartilage for nose tip surgery and including possibility of side effects & infections for uses of implants.
By: Dr. Mankoon Suh from JW Plastic Surgery Korea
JW Plastic Surgery Korea
598-6 Shinsa, Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea
서울시 강남구 신사동 598-6
English Hotline : +82-10 5768 5114/ 10 7195 5114
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Thai Hotline : +82-10 4623 5114(Line ID:thai5114)
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Blog : jwbeautykorea.blogspot.com

[JW Plastic Surgery Korea] "JW's Real Model Jia"Breast augmentation


I had a Huge Complex with my breast all the time
it bothered me when i look myself through a mirror
so My last solution was getting a Breast Implants(Boobs Job) @ JW Plastic Surgery Center by Popular breast implant surgeon 
Dr. Chul Hwan Seul


It's been 3days and I still have little bit of pain
These bandages are really bothering me and feel uncomfortable after the Breast implant(boobs surgery)
hopefully time flies so I can feel more comfortable with everything

5th Day!!
My breast are getting better as time goes by.
I'm just waiting for to fully recovered
I went to JW plastic surgery center today to remove bandages for my breast and I feel so much better without bandages. but I still got to wear garmet to have pretty shapes for my breast
I realllllly want to wear
pretty clothes and pretty bras
I'm still happppy with taking off those bandages.

I feel a lot more comfortable after the breast implant(boobs surgery) these days
I guess it is getting used on it~and settling
But still have difficulties with sleeping sideways so
I try to sleep straight forward
It seems like I gained weight since I can't work out as I used to. T.T
Oh yeaaa forgot to tell you guys that it doesn't hurt at all anymore.:):)

Nowdays I'm loving myself!!
It looks more natural breast~
Most of swollowness got away.
and I like feeling of my breast
Wow it has been already 3 month
It feels & looks natural that nobody can't notices.
I look sexy and I get a lots of comments from clothing store that
"You Got a Nice Body"
These comments make me ssoooooooo HAPPY!!

How Do I Look??
Were wondering about how I look like rite??
Main pics is for last rite??
It was so hard to hide it till last part of my writing
hope'd you guys had fun with my reviews.
Thank You for reading my reviews
Have a Nice Day~

Rhinoplasty for Male~!!

I decided to have a Rhinoplasty+Tip Plasty+ Deviation in
incision method.
From JW Plastic Surgery Clinic
To have better beauty for myself.

x-shaped bandages...am I like a Wolverine?(anyways)
I thought I wouldn't be swollen....
but u will see from my next pics lol

I sort of look like a blow fish
but it doesn't seems that bad compare to other patients
I have seen from google or forums.
So that sort of made me feel good for it!!

look at the bruised part...it seems like
I have done some kind of make-ups with yellow color.
BUT good thing it is not a purple which it means
MINORITY of bruising.!!!

It been a month already
Can't you tell by the picture it got a lot improved from
before OP pics?
if not.......too bad i think it did
but you also check it out from next pictures:)

3rd month of operation!
pretty much most of swolleness got away.
also it is getting placed perfectly(I THINK)
it looks more defined and sharpen than before

6th month Selfie
getting ready to go to JW
to see Dr. Suh who done my nose job
to say "thanks"
I RElly really love my nose now
do not have any kind of "COMPLEX" anymore!
not scare of taking pictures!!

These are my Studio Shots~
What Ya'll think about me?
I decided to join this blogs since there were not that
many of Male pics who likes to post

Check out my Legs!!!

I'm pretty sure everyone will have same problem as I do
1. Saggy skin
2. Getting fat
3. Naturally have lots of fat
4. Thick thighs
6. Want to wear skinny jeans or short-skirt
So I decided to use little bit of science

I was pretty sad to look my bottom since it is all covered by bandages and blood...
Still swollen but
I can see improvements:):)

or shocked.... all major bruises..
That Red Light is called LED treatment which it helps
reducing my swollowness
btw....yea I have to go through all those bruises
to be skinny...but it TOTALLY WORTH IT.

1st Month!! all of my bruises are GONE!!
and It looks much better!!!
Now I can wear Short-Skirts!!! Or Skinny Jeans

4th Month
It seems like all placed in for the Right Shape.
Even my hubby likes it!!!

I TOOOTALLLY like my New Legs
Everything looks so fitted when I wear new dresses

Dr. Suh received an Award From OSAPS

Dr.ManKoon, Suh received an Awards from OSAPS
On 27th~29th Oct. 2014


[Lower Blepharoplasty+Epicanthoplasty+Rhinoplasty+
Tip Plasty+Fat Graft(face)]
Ready to see Big Changes of ME?
It was big decision for me to get changed....
Same reason as all the women in the WORLD..BEAUTY...

I never imagined that I would get this much of swollen in my LIFE
Looks like PPL from boxing who got beat up really badly,,,,

Sort of look like a BLOW FISH Ehy?
lol.. now im making fun of myself

On Day 7 it started to getting better for the swollowness

On Day 9 Still same..(little improvements...)
I was sort of worried that what if I live like this...
or Do I need to get a surgery again.....

It been awhile!! that I'm posting!!
after 2months it got a lot better with younger look of me!
Now I love to take a picture of myself!!

Don't I???If not..whatever lol
I love myself more than anybody right now~

Had fun with my CHANGES???
Thanks to
Dr. Suh, Man Koon
Dr. Seul, Chul Hwan

Ya'll Changed MYLIFE!!!!!