[JW Plastic Surgery Korea] JW Real Model Program - Hena

D Day,She had Rhinoplasty and Tip plasty with Dr.Man Koon Suh.

1st day,Hena has lot of swollen around her eyes after Rhinoplasty.

Hena is such a cute girl,this is the picture she made.
Don't worry. The swollen will be done soon.

2nd day, the swollen on Hena's face is moving down. From the eyes to the cheeks now and also got more colors. We gave some pumpkin juice to her and she also bought some at the pharmacy. She is worrying about her nasal tip, it will go down. Hope to see you better next week! 

Hena got much more swollen than Elani. After everything removed, you can her whole nose is swelling. The swollen on face is going down very fast now. The swollen of nose also takes a few weeks for her. 
Cheer up!:) 

 Day 7, stitches have been removed today. Hena has more bruises than any other patients. Before the studio shoot, Hena was very worried about it. She already got recovered very fast these days. 
Two more days, she believed that the bruises will disappear on her face!

Day 10,Hena said the bruises are totally gone.She is very happy about that.But the nose still looks swollen.In a few days, it will become slimmer. Normally, it takes 2 or 3 months to see the final shape.

Time runs, Hena has been back home to US. Today is her 14th post operation day. All bruises are gone! Nose started to become slimmer and slimmer!! When she was in Korea, you don't know how nervous she was. Now finally, she saw everything goes good! So happy for you, Hena!

Hena sent photos again! She did make up, and she looks so confidence now! She wanted to say goodbye to her bulbous since long time ago. Now her dream became true!! Congrats! Like her hair style which she did in Apgujeong when she was here!!:D

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